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As Tracing Green reaches it’s 2nd birthday, we bring you the Top 5 posts of 2016.

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re celebrating Tracing Green’s 2nd birthday. This year we’ve brought you another 20 articles covering green building, low-impact living, sustainable technologies and news, reviews and comment. We’re delighted to see continued growth in our followers on Twitter, Facebook and with our mailing list. If you’re not receiving our monthly newsletters then you can subscribe here. We have big plans for 2017, including a series of articles on Retrofit. As we go to press, we have fingers crossed to see if we’ve been shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards, and thanks if you supported us in the public vote. In the mean time, enjoy this recap of the most popular articles from 2016.


5. Can the Tesla Powerwall Revolutionise Renewables?

I visit the region’s first Tesla Powerwall installation to see how this new battery technology is revolutionising renewables. Read more.


4. Cohousing Durham

Cohousing allows communities to meet the challenges of modern day life in a sustainable way. Read more.
Cohousing 1 Tracing Green June 2016


3. Transform your commute with an e-bike

Can electric bikes make sustainable commuting more attractive? After a week’s trial of an e-bike I’ve found that cycling to work can be both easy and enjoyable. Read more.


2. Energy-Efficient Living at Hexham Gate

A new collection of low-energy homes in Hexham is raising the ‘energy-efficiency’ bar for developer housing in the region. Read more.


1. REfUSE pop-up cafe tackles food waste

REfUSE, a pop-up cafe in Durham, rescues surplus food and serves up delicious meals to the public rather than see it go to waste. Read more.
REfUSE Pop Up Cafe 1 Tracing Green Jan2016


About Adam Vaughan

Adam Vaughan is an architect with a passion for low-energy environment-friendly buildings. After working abroad in Paris and Dublin, Adam returned to his native Newcastle in 2005 to join JDDK Ltd, a practice with a reputation for environmentally low-impact design, where he is now a Director.

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